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County Roads and Highways in Alcorn County are facing snowy and icy road conditions. People are finding it hard to try and leave their homes. KOSSUTH, Miss. (WTVA) -- On County Road 617 in Alcorn County, about one mile from Kossuth Schools, the road is icy and covered with snow. The snow is melting, but people around the neighborhood said they're having trouble getting out and about. A snowy County Road 617 in Kossuth, MS. Photo taken 02-19-21. Icicles hanging from the roof of a home on County Road 617. Photo taken 02-19-21. People are riding gators and four-wheelers up and down the road for fun every day during these several snowy days. They slide from side to side and kick up snow. Some four-wheelers are dragging sleds behind them, and neighborhood dogs are making a ruckus as they chase the strange vehicles. Even some cars and trucks are getting out and braving the ice. One man on 617 didn't want to go on camera, but he said he got out in the snow and ice in his four-wheel drive Chevy Silverado with his family to get a Sonic burger. He explained they drove about 25, 30 miles per hour, and that only one lane is clear on Highway 72. On 617, cars and trucks driving on the slick roads compacted the snow and ice, making a slick layer. In addition, the mailman is also not making his rounds. one family put an outgoing letter in their mailbox on Tuesday, and on Friday, it was still there.


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